Looks the cost of hitting a Rhode Island state beach will stay the same for 2019.

I'm guessing there was a lot of backlash to the idea of paying more to park at the beach, so the Raimondo administration has put those plans aside.

They do still plan to raise rates for campers and other park users however, so someone is going to pay more this summer.

Beachgoers are not that someone though and I'm not sure backing off the rate hike plan was the best idea.

I mean when they pitched it back in February the plan for the extra money made by the new rates were going to be used to hire more staff, maintain pavilions and keep facilities cleaner.

All those seems like good reasons to raise the cost for the first time in decades.

But I guess more people hated the idea than liked it.

Instead camping fees will be on the rise for this summer, hitting out of state campers especially hard.

Just a plain old campsite, with no hookups of any sort, is going to set out of staters back $36 this season instead of the $20 it would have last season.

Of course these are still just proposals and I guess some complaining could change these plans too.

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