Beach lovers are going to be hit a little harder in the wallet in Rhode Island this summer.

Officials in Rhode Island have announced what they call "modest" hikes to beach and camping fees at state parks and beaches, but didn't actually reveal the amount of said hike.

I am a huge fan of hitting the beach in the summer and for the most part haven't found it to be insanely expensive to go. In state, it's just $7 to park your car. Loaded with the whole family that's a pretty inexpensive way to spend the day (and exhaust the kids!).

To me, unless they go crazy and triple the fee, I know I won't be deterred to head to the beach, but of course, the news has plenty of people upset.

I get the upset, though, since many of these fees have stayed the same for nearly two decades. But at some point you had to expect them to change it, you should probably be happy with the inexpensive run you had.

And the increase is being proposed for good reason. The additional money made will be used to add employees, help keep facilities cleaner and pavilions maintained.

The exact price hike is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks, but I imagine things will still seem reasonable when they're made.

However, those that disagree and completely hate even the thought of this price hike can vent their feelings at "listening sessions" being held by DEM at the end of this month.

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