Avocados are more dangerous than you think.

A buddy of mine (let's just call him Tommy) was cutting up an avocado in the comfort of his own home a few days ago, prepping a fancy shrimp dish, when the unfortunate happened: the knife slipped.

Tommy was rushed to the hospital, a bloody mess, aching with pain.

When Tommy got to the emergency room, the news was much worse than he wanted to hear. The doctor told him that the knife had cut two tendons, two nerves and some muscle in his left hand.

Now, as much as this sounds like a rare accident, it's actually more common than you can imagine. Tommy's accident is actually referred to as "Avocado Hand" and it's been at a staggering incline over the past couple of years.

Let this be a PSA for all avocado lovers: keep Tommy's story in mind the next time you're in the mood for some fresh guacamole. Prepare with caution and use a spoon to cut out the pit; you'll end up salvaging more of the creamy avocado instead of wasting it.

As for Tommy, he's out of surgery, back home and is patiently healing his hand. The accident cost him a $250 co-pay and he will soon be attending physical therapy to strengthen the ligaments and muscle that were cut, but it's looking like a long road of recovery ahead for Tommy.

Moral of the story: Don't be Tommy.

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