We talked about the viral video that's been going around this week that shows a woman on an American Airlines flight reclining as the man behind her was punching the back of her seat.

The woman says that instead of asking the man to stop punching her seat, the flight attendant gave the man a free alcoholic drink and rolled her eyes when she asked for help.

She appeared on CNN and showed a letter that the flight attended handed her that indicated that she was being a problem passenger and could be escorted from the plane after touchdown. She also said that she was threatened to delete the video that she was recording.

Jackson (who moonlights in the airline industry) called into the Rock and Fox Show to defend the flight attendant.

"I get it. You pay a couple of hundred dollars for a plane ticket, but you're in a public space," he said. "So when you're driving a car on the road you don't just cut in front of somebody without checking with them first. You gotta check with the guy behind you to make sure it's OK to put your seat back. It's common courtesy."

Christine and I disagreed with Jackson. To me, if reclining your airplane seat is so voodoo, why do airlines even make reclining an option? Just install seats into the plane that don't recline.

I'll be honest, I've never checked with the person behind me to make sure it was OK that I reclined my seat. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure no one sitting in front of me has ever asked me if it was OK for them to recline their seat. I guess I just figure if everyone reclines their seat, everything remains equal?

People have STRONG opinions on both sides of this. What are your thoughts?

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