Our state is ranked among the rudest in the country, as if that was news to us. We can be a little harsh, especially to those that don't know how to drive "our way."

Now, I'm originally from New Bedford. Shout out to the Class of 2003! However, I have moved around a bunch of times for this amazing radio career and have gotten to really dive into the subcultures we have in this country. I personally think we aren't the worst; have you been to New York recently?

One really glaring difference is our hospitality. It wasn't until I moved away for awhile and then moved back that I noticed this, mostly in businesses like car rentals and hotels.

We all have heard it but the ranking from Big Seven Travel gives a whole new meaning to southern hospitality. You can see the full ranking on their site, in case you were born somewhere else.

On their site they state this as the reasoning for Massachusetts not being ranked as friendlier:

"MA locals aren’t exactly rude, per se, but the overall indifference towards strangers can take its toll. Ignoring people isn’t exactly a trait that will put Massachusetts among the friendliest states in America. It also takes a long time to be accepted as true Bostonian, not just a blow-in."

Number one on this list? Minnesota! I have traveled their once. It was in the middle of winter, where the temperature was below freezing and yet the people were going around smiling like it was the perfect spring day.

While I don't want us to take this ranking too seriously, I do think everyone, regardless of what state we live in, can be a lot nicer to each other. We, as a state, may have a little extra work to get there.

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