Welp, that was a bad week. Sometimes I guess you just have to take an "L," and this week I took a hard "L."

The holidays are probably the worst time to decide you're going to get back in shape. It is undoubtedly just straight up punishment for yourself. Everyone's having delicious treats. Everyone is sending each other cakes, chocolates, and booze as gifts. Everyone around you is having a good time and indulging in all of these delightful treats, and here I am, just eating my fruit and hating the entire population.

This weekend was a planned bar crawl in Plymouth with some of my friends. We started off pretty well. We had a nice healthy brunch at one of their houses along with a couple of drinks. Let's remember, though, this is a bar crawl. Things started going south real fast when it comes to a diet. It only took a few bars in and there I was with one of the most delicious pizzas I've ever encountered sitting there staring me directly in the face.


Then the next day, in the interest of recovering from the crawl, the fiancée and I went to catch a movie. The only problem with that is I forgot that I can't watch a movie without a whole bucket of movie theatre popcorn.

When the Monday weigh-in rolled around, let's just say I wasn't too happy with the scale. Good news is I've shaken that weekend weight back off. HopefullyI can find some way to still shed some weight this week and get closer to 15 pounds gone by Christmas. I'm creeping up on 30 days of P90X and that was my 30-day goal.

So if you're still following my absurd journey here, pray for me. I'm going to have to behave for the next few days and through Christmas.

Here's hoping it works.

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