You're obviously never too old to be a fan of someone, but does it get to a point where you are too old to fan girl?

There has been a lot of talk at the station lately about my mega crush on Niall Horan (I mean, look at him up there).

He dropped a new song last week. I was excited to hear Jackson play it on "Wicked or Whack?" and of course the conversation then turned to him touring and if I would go to the show.

From there Jackson, was like, "We have to get you to meet him," and I immediately said "No way."

Yes, I am a big fan of Niall. Yes, I think he is absolutely adorable. No, I do not think I can handle meeting him.

Silly, I know.

But I have a tendency to turn red quite easily when people are actually looking me and I just know I would get all red and tongued tied if I tried to talk to Horan.

And why embarrass myself like that?

So despite being extremely grateful that anyone would want to help me in meeting my crush, I'm not sure I'd want to do it.

And why would Niall Horan want a 40-year-old woman getting all weird and embarrassed around him anyway?

I mean, shouldn't I be too old for acting like this? Shouldn't there be a cut off to fangirl tendencies? How old is too old to get all sorts of awkward around someone you are a fan of?

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