Call me strange, but a glass of milk is totally a snack.

Ever since I can remember, milk has always been my go-to for anything. Whether it was my beverage to go with my meal or just because I was thirsty, I chose milk every time.

Honestly, if I had it my way, I would still drink whole milk, but as an adult, it's a little too fatty and goes right to the love handles. Therefore, low-fat or even fat-free is the milk of choice these days. It's not the same as whole milk, but it's better than nothing.

When you have a love for something, whether it's a person or a pet or even food, there's a connection that's distinguishing and stronger than any other feeling you'll experience in your lifetime. That right there is my commitment and loyalty to milk.

Yes, I understand that it may seem a little weird that I enjoy drinking milk this much, but it's only because of the diversity of the delicious beverage that attracts me to it.

Think about it: without milk, cereal is just crunchy sweet chips that you eat with a spoon. Without milk, your cravings for ice cream would be diminished (although it's more of a cream, it's still a product of the dairy family). Finally, without milk, there would be nothing to dip an Oreo or a Chips Ahoy into. Don't come at me with "I dip them in water," either, because that's just blasphemy.

A bowl of cereal is about 75 percent milk and 25 percent Cheerios. To me, the best part is when I get down to just a bowl of milk and I enjoy sipping it slowly with my spoon to get the most out of what's left.

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Admittedly, I'll go through a minimum of a gallon a week alone. Again, that's a minimum; sometimes I have to buy a half-gallon to get me through to the end of the week. I'm a large man who can put away a good amount of dairy.

It's the whole-bodied thickness that distinguishes it from water or any other beverage that gives it permission to become a snack if you wish it to be. Besides, it's your life, don't ever let anybody tell you what you shouldn't consume – although everything in moderation.

All I'm saying is that If I want to choose a glass of milk over a piece of pie or some Smartfood popcorn, then I have every right to do so, but the smart in me will tell me to pair the pie with the milk.

At the end of a long day, if I'm thirsty and it's bedtime, a glass of milk (no, not warm, that's just wrong in so many ways) is my go-to. It's my kind of "comfort food" that makes my soul happy and satisfies my craving.

Now it's your turn to try and change my mind. Do you agree that a glass of milk can be a snack? Take a second and cast your vote:

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