Cookies & Milk
I"m stealing this question from one of my Facebook friends! There are some obvious choices here, but my buddy suggested that the "Oreo" wins because it has been labeled "America's Favorite Cookie."
Milk Chug Challenge
It's the new in trend, which is sad and gross. Last week, we showed you how food eating legend Kobayashi handles the milk challenge.
Flavored Milk Poll
Milk! One of the greatest things ever invented! As I was coming into work today, I stopped in web-guru BJ's office, we somehow got on the subject of milk, but more importantly what kind of milk is the best!
The Price of Milk Has Gone Up
This is one of those times that I wish we were wrong. We warned you about this in my blog 3 weeks ago. We told you that the price of a gallon of milk was about to soar. Our prediction, unfortunately, has become reality.
US Farm Bill Expires: Milk Prices Expected To Soar
New York Senator Chuck Schumer says American families could soon be paying twice as much for a gallon of milk with the expiration of the US Farm Bill. Schumer thinks we could see the price of milk soar to $6 a gallon! It would also drastically affect the price of cheese and other foods made with dai…