A cold, tall glass of Silmo coffee milk brings back sweet memories.

Or so I'm told.

Being only 30, my friends and I are too young to have experienced Silmo coffee syrup, but have all heard rumors of it being the best around.

The other day on Fun 107's Facebook page, we asked the audience to name one thing only people on the SouthCoast will understand...


...and the popular answer was in fact "coffee milk/syrup:"


That's when the wheels in my noggin' started turning, and I would love to know where I can get some of that Silmo!

Growing up, I've always been a fan of Autocrat, but I'm pretty sure that's all I knew. I'm sure anyone else who grew up with the same creamy milk concoction would love to know how it compares to the locally-produced Silmo.

Even when I tried to Google the product, there was NOTHING about it! Talk about a mystery. Wouldn't you think there would be some type of historic timeline connection to the family with the secret recipe?

At this point, I would settle with just a tall glass of coffee milk, if the family would be willing to stir up some of that sweet deliciousness we SouthCoast people like to call coffee milk.