I don't mean to sound like an angry old man, but when did the price of milk jump to over $4 a gallon? I guess it's been a while since I've purchased a gallon of milk because when I ran into the grocery store to buy one the other night, I was sticker shocked.

Normally, I try to stock up at my local 7-Eleven store. Surprisingly, I've found that this particular convenience store has the lowest prices I see for milk. I've seen prices as low as $2.59 for a gallon of Garelick Farms milk, but usually, it's right around $2.89 a gallon.

Although I can't tell the difference between generic store brand milk and Garelick Farms, my family complains when I bring home anything else. I know that store brand milk is much more affordable, but comparing apples to apples – Garelick to Garelick – I can't get over what the grocery store is charging for milk. You would think a grocery store would be cheaper on a staple item like milk, but they lose every time. Even Market Basket can't sell Garelick Farms milk as cheap as my local convenience store.

A lot of people suggested trying BJ's Wholesale Club for milk. I'll have to give that a try.

We had our staff call around this week to find out what some local stores are charging for milk. Here is what they found for their cheapest milk (store brands):

Cumberland Farms – $3.19

Fairhaven Convenience Store – $3.39

Jackson’s Variety – $3.00

Market Basket – $2.59

Quick Stop Convenience – $3.99

Stop & Shop – $2.99

Target – $2.99

Walgreen's – $3.99

Walmart – $2.59

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