I take my fried seafood very seriously.

Living on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts – particularly in the largest fishing port in the country, New Bedford – I consider myself extremely fortunate.

Restaurants around this neck of the woods all featured fresh seafood on their menus, each one with its own signature flair. Almost all of them offer some kind of fried seafood, as well as broiled or even raw dishes. And although I usually prefer broiled, grilled, or raw seafood, I do enjoy the fried version in moderation.

At least once a year, I'll treat myself to a fisherman's platter.

I find joy out of the cornucopia of seafood options on one plate, all fried to perfection. Between juicy scallops, the stacked haddock, and the mound of clams, you truly can't go wrong.

However, there is a long-standing debate when it comes to fried clams.

Some people prefer the whole-bellied version of the clam, while others don't want to eat the "bellies" and prefer just the strips.

If I had the choice, I'd say give me a plate of just the whole clams. The strips alone just come off as over-battered fries in my opinion, but hey, we can always agree to disagree.

There's something so delicious and delectable about the juicy insides that draws me to the dish every time. Of course, the tartar sauce plays a huge role in this and most house-made tartar sauce is decent, but I like to enjoy the belly and just get the rawness of it without any of the relish aftertaste.

You've heard my side of the story, now it's your time to cast your vote.

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