Having a creative baby name is one thing, but some of the names parents came up with in 2014 are really out there.

You may be trying to come up with a name for your child that no one else is really using, but this may not be the list to take from.

According to Social Security's extended name popularity list, here are some new ones parents used for the first time in 2014...


Sure, who doesn't want to have a billion...but naming your child that? Well five pairs of parents across the country went with Billion for the first time ever last year. Million and Amillion have been used before, but Billion has now made it's debut.


This is probably one name that won't get your child messed with on the playground...though it may also mean living up to a tough guy reputation. But Dagger was picked by five parents last year.


Sort of in the same vein as Dagger, seven different parents decided to call their little girls Rocket last year. For whatever reason it brings to mind roller derby to me.


The name you go with when you want to name your child after a place, but also want to try some crazy spelling stuff. Yes, last year nine baby girls were named Londynne with that exact spelling. That doesn't include of course the girls named London and Londyn. So I guess this one is pretty popular...just a new (and more confusing) way to write it.


This one isn't just a weird spelling, it's plain old weird if you ask me. I guess Kimberly just got a little too boring for some parents last year, because somehow Wimberly made it onto the baby name list. Do you call her Wim for short?


This one seems the strangest to me...and a little mean. It's like your giving your kid a whole outlook on life with their name. But for whatever reason five boys were actually named Sadman last year.


I don't know where some parents get their baby name ideas, but I guess for some the weirder the better. Any on this list that you actually like or are you a little more traditional when it comes to naming your child?


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