If you have ever been catcalled, you may want to read this because I think I need your help.

It's definitely something that most women do not like but, hey, if it's happening to you for the first time, it might be a confidence booster. I say this only because until recently I had never been the victim of a catcall. I say "victim" but I honestly loved it.

It's how I responded that has me hung up.

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I was simply going to grab my morning coffee, just wearing some gym clothes so nothing flattering, really. I made eye contact with the person and could feel it coming. Then, sure enough, there was a whistle followed by a, "Damn, hey sexy."

My response was awkward. I simply said hi and thanks, giggled and kept walking.

Now that I think about it, my response probably came off snarky. The catcaller was attractive so I totally could have catcalled them right back, but I wasn't thinking like that in the moment.

Now I wonder: Was this a missed connection?

Why am I so weird when it comes to this stuff?  What should I have said or done to make a real connection with this person? Or is this person probably not worth my time because, well, catcalling isn't the best way to pick someone up?

In this day and age, what is acceptable, though? I'd rather meet someone randomly on the street than through any of these dating apps.

Those things are scary.

I would absolutely appreciate your feedback.

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