We all thought it was a Planet Fitness, but surprise!

It's not Planet Fitness, but this could be even better. With some super professional snooping and internet creeping, we saw that the Southcoast Marketplace updated the vendor map on their website. Check it out at the top left part of the map: Boost Fitness.


You can get your gym swell on at all hours of the day and night and even the wee hours of the morning. It looks like a "Boost Fitness" will be landing there, but when we looked up what Boost Fitness is, there was s a twist!  Boost Fitness was apparently bought out by "Crunch Fitness" earlier this year so it's probably going to be a Crunch Fitness. This whole story has layers, like an episode of General Hospital.

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So there you have it!  I'll see you for a workout at 3am.


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