Beauty and fashion YouTuber, Loey Lane, stood up to hateful comments about her wearing swimsuits with her plus size figure.

Loey really loves fashion and likes to share her passion with her 400,000 subscribers. She also happens to live in the South and it can get quite hot down there. So naturally, like many people do, Loey decides to wear swimsuits, shorts and crop tops. She looks great in them but of course, there are always people who like to tell bigger girls what they can and can not wear, but Loey wasn't having any of it.

Loey made a YouTube video about people's "issues" with her body and how she felt like it was none of their business. "Why is it that someone else can dictate that you are not allowed to put something on your body that makes them uncomfortable?", said Loey.

Ask a bigger girl myself, those comments are just all too familiar. No one should tell you what you should wear or how to live your life. Just be you and that is exactly what Loey is trying to spread through her video.

Watch the video down below but be warned, there is a little bit of swearing.

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