In attempts to recreate their brand, Abercrombie has a new policy. You don't have to be a model to ring the cash register.

The popular brand Abercrombie & Fitch is looking for a store makeover. Trying to appeal to younger teens A&F has a come up with some new strategies. First thing to go: the attractiveness requirement.

Getty Images/Kevin Lee

According to Jezebel, this past Friday the company announced that they would stop hiring staff based on "body type or physical attractiveness". They're also going to ease off their "look policy" and allow employees to dress in a more individually.

Who else got the boot? The shirtless models. The store will no longer continue with the shirtless models and are going to wind down on the sex-crazed marketing.

The company still has a few guidelines when it comes to the appearance of its employees. The new guidelines call for "neat, clean, natural and well-groomed. Excessive jewelry, obscene or large tattoos and bright-colored makeup are now also taboo, as are piercings “in locations other than earlobes.”

It's sad that they had to even make this change, because it shouldn't have been a policy to begin with!  I hope they follow through with this new policy and actually start hiring people based on their skills and experience instead of being so superficial.  As they say, and it's true, looks aren't everything.