Episode 6 came just in time for Lent.

So here goes the story... Michael Rock and I were on our way back to the radio station after a delicious robust lunch from Mezza Luna in Buzzards Bay, when we noticed something eye-catching.

Up ahead of us was this truck that appeared to have the tailgate down with a massive Buck hanging out of it.

"What the heck... is that a deer?!" Michael Rock proclaimed confused and excitingly. "Damn! It totally is!", I replied.

Next thing you know, we get a little closer to the truck, I'm fumbling to get my phone out to take a picture of the monster that was either recently hit by a car and hunted down and our jaws suddenly drop. It wasn't until we were about 10 feet away when we realized that the massive deer was nothing more than an illusion. The truck had one of those 3-D decals on the back of it that was so life-like, that it fooled both of us.

I have to give it to that guy, it was a pretty good decal that tricked me, to say the least. No deer were harmed in the filming of the "WWJD?" segment above, or eaten on Lent for that matter.



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