So, I was all for writing our own vows for our wedding, until I started writing my own vows.

Now, don't get me wrong; I think it's so much sweeter and special when a couple writes their own vows. It's better to hear their own words and their own thoughts. It's so much more personal and it just holds more meaning if you ask me.

When the time came that my fiancée and I had to start thinking about our own vows, I had no doubt that we should write our own. We're both a couple of pretty hippy dippy people and it just definitely fits the way we are. Obviously, we both were thrilled about the idea.

Now I feel kind of weird about it. For one, I didn't consider the fact that we're not just reading these vows to each other, but we're going to have a pretty big audience sitting there listening to every word. I realize it's family and friends, but still, weird.

Also, how long is this supposed to be? What if hers are longer than mine? What if hers are better than mine? Are we just saying things we promise to each other? Can we delve into more stuff and just talk about how much we love the other person? Is that then too "speechy?"


*by the way, this is just a long-winded way for me to say to anyone that's going to be at the wedding, sorry for the terrible vows.*

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