Sure the iPhone 6 is a hot holiday item, but seems celebrities are following the everything old is new again rule right now and breaking out with old flip phones!

Hipsters are going to love this! Maybe they even started it. But it seems flip phones are coming back into style.

Vogue editor Anne Wintour
Colts QB Andrew LuckRihanna

So why are these old phones coming back into style?

Well according to, some say the are choosing older phones to "unplug." Smartphones keep you connected to email and social media constantly and some people don't enjoy it. Having a phone that was pretty much just a phone is kind of like getting back to basics and makes you feel less in demand.

For celebrities there's also a privacy factor. Since flip phones aren't connected to the cloud, there's no chance they'll get hacked and embarrassing pictures will be leaked online.

Sounds like two smart reasons if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that is you end and angry phone call slamming your flip phone shut is much more satisfying then pushing the end call button!