There was an epic sunset on the Southcoast last night, Ronda Rousey turns heads on the cover of Men's Fitness and information on the General Mills' recall.

Westport, MA sunset
Abby Martin-Renoir / TSM

Last Night's Southcoast Sunset

I think it's safe to say that most of our Instagram and Facebook feeds were flooded last night with pictures from the amazing sunset. This particular photo was taken in Westport around 6:30 p.m. Share yours with us on Facebook!

The UFC beauty has made the cover on the October issue of Men’s Fitness. People took to Twitter and Facebook with a weird mix of reactions – some praised the magazine for featuring her as she represents a strong and talented female, others cracked jokes about her sexuality and said that it makes sense because she is a “man anyway.”

Certain boxes of the cereal made between a specified four days are being recalled by the company as they contained allergens like gluten and wheat, when General Mills recently began selling and marketing their cereals as gluten-free. The boxes created during that four day span were inadvertently combined with products containing gluten. Check here for more information.