People Bought the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Trees and Were So, So Disappointed

Social media was abuzz when hundreds of people who bought the Reese's Trees were amazed at how much they didn’t look like trees. They pretty much just look like blobs with a little blob attached to it as a “trunk”- actually, a better reference is what everyone else was using…”The Christmas Reese's Turd”.

Avril Lavigne and Nick Carter Released a Song Together

90’s kids everywhere are losing their minds over the most recent collab between Nick Carter and Avril Lavigne. The two released a new single together called “Get Over Me” and it’s actually not too bad!

7 Super Simple Ways to Eat Healthier this Week

Because the average American gains 8-10 pounds over Thanksgiving weekend, now is the time to drop some of the post-Thanksgiving bloat by doing a few VERY easy things. Turn turkey leftovers into low-cal wraps or how to make healthy, 4-ingredient breakfasts.