Here's how much it takes to be in the 1% in MA, Burger King adds hot dogs to the menu and House of Cards releases its new trailer.

If You're Wondering What You Have to Make to be in the Top 1% in MA, It's A LOT

According to, in order to be considered a 1%-er in Massachusetts, you need to be pulling in roughly half a million dollars a year. $523,000 a year to be exact. In comparison to other states in the nation, MA is the 3rd highest, even coming in above New York.

House of Cards Fans Rejoice - the Season 4 Trailer is Everything We Hoped For 

We've been waiting for this since the last episode of season 3 and it's finally here! Netflix has released the Season 4 trailer and to put it simple, it's full of murder and so many questions we need answers to. Did we really expect anything less? Season 4 premieres on March 4.

Burger King is Adding Hot Dogs to the Menu for Good

Grilled hot dogs are here to stay at 7,000 Burger King locations in the U.S. Starting February 23, you can get a traditional grilled hot dog or a chili cheese dog. They chose to add the hot dog option after recognizing people were seeking out gas stations or other fast food chains that offer hot dogs.