The Catfish of the century, a new scam that can strike at your favorite super stores and how to wish your friends a happy birthday with a video!

IG: Resse Cromwell - Photos were used by Catfish for fake accounts.

Over the course of the last few years, a woman behind several fake social media accounts has Catfish-ed her way into online relationships with not only one but multiple famous men. By using fake photos, remixing songs from the 90's and using the power of social media, Diddy, Trey Songz, several NFL players and a couple other big names have all been reported to have been in an online relationship with the same woman who is behind dozens of fake accounts. It's a tangled web that a catfish weaves.

It seems like we're warned about a new scam every day but this one could actually fool some people who aren't watching what they're paying for in the check-out line. Basically, as the cashier is ringing you out, they can put in the "Cash Back" option, select an amount and approve it for you. Or even get you to approve it yourself if you're not paying attention. They then wait for you to leave and while the drawer is open, they pocket the cash. For a $20 charge added to your bill somewhere like Target or WalMart where you may be making large purchases, you may not even know until you get home and look over your receipt.

Facebook has added a new feature that allows you to wish your friends a happy birthday with a 15-second video message. While the feature is only available for iOS at the moment, it allows you to record a video message and post to a friend's timeline.