I remember being a kid and sitting at the dinner table on Mother's Day or Father's Day and asking the pressing question:

When is Kids' Day?

I think every 1980s parent gave the exact same answer.  If you're an '80s kid, I guarantee you already know the answer, and it's not Christmas.

The answer was: "Every day is Kids' Day."

But not anymore.  The past few years have pushed "holidays" such as National Daughters Day to the forefront.

Does it make me a bad dad if I completely ignored National Daughters Day this past weekend?  Am I just sour?  Or is there anybody else out there who thinks National Daughter's Day is a completely fabricated "holiday" meant to get more engagement on Facebook?

Don't get me wrong, I am clearly in the minority when it comes to this topic, and I understand that. Just take one look at your Facebook feed from yesterday. I had to scroll past pictures of daughters for nearly every other Facebook post.

There could be worse things on Facebook, like the painfully predictable political posts that won't change a single person's mind. However, I feel like things like National Daughters Day weaken the thought.  It's equivalent to Valentine's Day. We should treat our partners like it's Valentine's Day every day.

I feel like if I have to be reminded to put up a picture of my daughter, it's not as significant or meaningful as organically putting one up.

It turns out the only thing worse than a holiday invented by Hallmark is a holiday invented by Big Tech.  Are we all drones falling in line with the Meta gods who declare when we should post pictures of our beloved children?  All hail the Facebook gods!

Oh, and brace yourself. National Sons Day is coming up on Wednesday.

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