While driving on Cape Cod, a New Bedford resident encountered a sight that left her puzzled.

Along the roadside in Bourne, Carrissa Fontaine spotted what appeared to be a large lizard. The strange sight prompted her to share her experience on Facebook.

Fontaine's post read:

"Saw this lizard in Bourne, MA. Not even sure if it is real as it didn't move when I pulled up next to it. Could be a toy, but no houses around here. Anybody know what kind of lizard this is if it isn't a toy?"

Courtesy Melissa Campbell
Courtesy Melissa Campbell

Her post quickly sparked reaction.

The mysterious creature raised several questions: Could it be a pet that escaped? Was it an iguana? A massive Komodo dragon? Should people be concerned about a potential threat or was this little guy harmless?

Despite the initial alarm, some were skeptical. Many wondered if this motionless being wasn't real at all, speculating that it had been placed there to deter pests.

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Eager to get to the bottom of the mystery, I encouraged Fontaine to investigate on during her next trip to Bourne. True to her word, she did, providing the clarity everyone was waiting for.

"It's fake," she said. "This time it was facing a different way. I even got out to double-check."

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It turns out this lizard, which had caused a brief stir among locals and online, was nothing more than a decoration.

Case closed... Until the next weird thing turns up on the roadside.

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