The internet has found Taylor Swift's TWIN, Netflix is releasing so many new shows in February and how to get rid of that "no more storage" message from your iPhone for good!


If you're like most people, your iPhone is chock full of photos, music, podcasts, apps and videos. When you hit that critical point of storage, you will be bombarded with pesky notifications from your phone urging you to pay more to upgrade your storage, etc. ENOUGH. A few easy ways to free up some space are just a couple clicks away! Like adding your photos to a Google Drive, which are free and making sure you don't a ton of "burst" photos saved.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Season 1 is coming to Netflix next month as are TONS of other new series, seasons and movies. Check the full list so you can take full advantage of your binge-watching time.

Just kidding - they're definitely not related but their resemblance is UNCANNY. Keitra Jane has recently become an Instagram celebrity because she looks just like T. Swift. Since her Instafame, Keitra has been using her IG to promote body positivity and all around good vibes.

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