Got long bangs? Give your hair some flair with the "Male Tail."

Move aside "Man Bun"... the "Male Tail" is taking over hairstyle scene for men by storm.

Now, I'll be honest, I'm not too sure about this one, but I'm always willing to start a trend. After all, who knew the 'Man Bun' would become so popular or the comb-over would ever make a comeback?

We finally got rid of that gosh-awful 'Jersey-Shore' styled "Faux-Hawk" that swept the nation. Basically, if you watched the mind-numbing MTV series, chances are you were inspired to get a haircut like "The Situation" or perhaps DJ Pauly-D's "Blowout". Either way, I bet you any money that not one person from the 80's or 90's would take a look at those "Jersified" hair-doos and thought... "Yeah, that's stylish!"

I will say this about the photo shown above... I definitely would have no shame rockin' the style, but is it for everyone? In order to make a hairstyle popular and trendy, you have to be able to reach the masses. These days "big hair" is popular amongst boy bands and celebrities, making the "Male Tail" anything but impossible to pull off.

Overall, it all comes down to the matter of confidence and how long you can survive in public with the all the staring and judgmental looks. If anyone can get away with the "flock-of-seagulls" catastrophe, I'm almost certain that the "Male Tail" can survive the bold criticism that's sure to follow the trend.


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