In recent weeks, Fall River's water has been going through some kind of nasty changes. The culprit isn't rust or Flouride, but nature!

Whether or not you noticed, people have been reporting smells and odd tastes in the water and the city's phone has been ringing off the hook.

In nature, there is a semi-common phenomenon referred to as "lake turnover". Lake turnover is a seasonal occurrence that occurs when the cool, bottom layer of a body of water mixes with the warmer top layer, resulting in the bottom layer's junk getting kicked up to the top. While it's not unsanitary or unhealthy, it's definitely nasty. The turnover makes the water that comes out of your faucet smell kind of bad and give it a little bit of a copper flavor. The flavor and smell is a result of the algae at the bottom, which grows significantly in the summer, getting moved to the top and putting all of it's nasty flavors into our water. The turnover is unavoidable as of now so I would say to stock up on bottled water for the next week or so.



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