WARNING: LeBron fans will be salty, but these are facts.

Throughout this weekend there have been lots of events going on in Charlotte, North Carolina for the NBA's All-Star Weekend. Watching many of the festivities surrounding the weekend reminded me why fans of LeBron James, who try to prove him to be a better player than Michael Jordan, are simply wrong.

NBA legend and former teammate of Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen, was recently asked his thoughts of the constant and sometimes droll comparisons between James and Jordan on ESPN's First Take. Pippen said it's hard for them to even be compared because they're two totally different types of players.

I agree 100 percent with his statement, but fans still have the nerve to try and compare them. However, if we had to compare them, Jordan would win the debate easily.

One of the things Pippen brought up in his response was having the "clutch gene" or having a clutch mentality. In other words, this is doing whatever you can for your team at the last minute of a game or throughout the course of a game to ensure your team wins.

I agree with Pippen that LeBron does not have this. LeBron is a phenomenal player, but he doesn't have a killer mentality. He said players such as Jordan and Kobe Bryant have this basketball trait. Pippen brought up a time in a close game situation where LeBron failed to dive for the ball. Jordan would've fought for the ball and Kobe would have as well.

I remember one game where LeBron needed to be carried off the court by his teammates after he got a cramp in the NBA Finals. Jordan fractured his foot and came back and played as soon as could. Jordan also played with the flu during the Finals. Kobe tore his Achilles, knocked his free throws down and walked off the court under his own power.

P.S.: Jordan and Kobe won the Slam Dunk Contest. LeBron was scared to even enter it.

How do you feel about the Jordan vs. LeBron hype?

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