It’s not technically a must-win for the Celtics tonight, but it sort of is a must-win.

The Celtics face a 2-1 series deficit tonight as they enter Game 4 on their home floor. A win means the series is tied and they’ll get one more game in Boston this series. A loss means it could be their last game on the parquet floor this season. They’d have to then head back to Milwaukee down 3-1, facing elimination against the best team in the NBA this season. That’s not exactly a recipe for success.

Let’s face facts here. The Bucks have arguably the best, most athletic player in the league lacing it up for them. The Celtics have spent most of the series without their best defensive player to try and combat that. Marcus Smart hasn’t played a minute this series or even in these playoffs so far due to injury, and it’s showing against the bucks.

Reports look promising that Smart could get back on the floor tonight which, needless to say, could only help. The only question is can Marcus save the Celtics?

To me, the biggest issue with the C’s is being able to stop Giannis and stop the Bucks' big runs coming out of halftime and into the third quarter. Marcus can maybe help slow that run some and give you that energy shot he always brings.

Will it be enough? I think it will be for tonight, but for the rest of the series, I’m not so sure. Let’s just hope the guys in green will flick that switch back on and keep it on for the rest of the season.

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