More and more events are being canceled every day due to the coronavirus and now sporting events are taking a hit, too.

With the coronavirus being officially dubbed a pandemic, any event that draws large numbers of people are being postponed or canceled in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

But what about sporting events?

It seems like March Madness couldn't really be postponed, March is in the name. And NHL and NBA games can only be played in a certain time frame, right?

So the plan for some seems to be to play the games, but lose the crowd.

Though the NBA went ahead and suspended the season, several NHL teams have decided to play their games with no fans in the stands.

And though the Boston Bruins home games are currently unaffected by this change, when they head to San Jose later this month they will be playing to an empty arena.

Honestly, this seems so weird to me.

I totally understand keeping fans away and preventing large groups of people from getting together as this virus spreads each and every day. But seeing a hockey game or an entire March Madness tournament with no fans is going to be super strange.

And you will see it.

The plan is to have the teams, the coaches, the refs, and the TV crews at the games and that's it.

So you can watch all of these fan-less games from home even though no one can watch them from the arenas.

Again, super strange for the viewers and probably equally odd to the players.

No fans rooting them on, none of the typical background noises – it'll probably just seem more like practice.

Personally, this makes me a little more intrigued to watch one of these games. I'm wondering what happens when someone scores a goal? Do you still celebrate without a crowd? Do the sirens and lights still go off?

I kind of can't wait to see how this all goes down.

And if the virus continues to spread, will this be the plan for the Olympics this summer?

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