With coronavirus continuing to spread, the International Olympic Committee is considering cancelling this summer's games.

With coronavirus cases on the rise and news that the disease has spread to Italy, the idea of bringing thousands of athletes, coaches, judges, spectators and others from around the world into Tokyo this summer sounds terrible.

The games are to start on July 24, just five months from right now. That doesn't quite seem like enough time to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

And though there was some talk of just postponing or moving the 2020 summer games, the IOC now say it is much more likely they will just be canceled.

It does make sense. I mean, how do you move an entire Olympic games years in the making in just a few months? You simply don't.

And I for one am beyond bummed at this possibility.

I am a huge Olympics nerd. I love to watch as much of each and every Olympic games as I can, tuning in for sports I would never watch otherwise like table tennis or water polo.

I'm also a big fan of the athletes themselves who work so hard in their sport for the chance to take part in this type of competition. And for them I am seriously bummed.

I can't imagine training for something for years, knowing this may be my one shot to compete and then learning with just months to go it is not going to happen.

If the games do get canceled my heart would break for these athletes.

The IOC says they will wait until late May to make the final decision, but will three months be enough time?

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