After being unceremoniously thrown out of the playoffs, the question remains. What now?

Two years ago Celtics fans were flying high. We got our man Gordon Hayward. At the time we thought he'd be playing alongside Isaiah Thomas and then suddenly everything changed. Out of nowhere, Kyrie Irving is a Celtic.

The Celtics went from lovable overachievers, to a legitimate title threat. Danny had done it again! The plan worked!

Welp. A gruesome injury to Hayward and a knee injury to Kyrie shut that down last season. The C's made an improbable run, but ultimately came up short. It was fine though, because soon Gordon and Kyrie would be back and we'd plow through the league!

Welp. Not so much. The Celtics stumbled out of the gate and never regained their balance. They were disappointing and unlikeable. They were just a bunch of guys wearing the same jersey. They were nowhere near being an actual "team."

So after two seasons where we never really got what we expected, the Celtics are left in a rough position.

Kyrie is a free agent and it seems like he has next to no interest in returning to Boston. Terry Rozier somehow seems to want out even more that Irving. The big fish Danny Ainge has been waiting for, Anthony Davis, is finally on the block, but do the Celtics still have what it takes to strike a deal. Will Gordon ever be able to be the Gordon Hayward that signed on for $30 million.

The Celtics now look to be at a fork in the road. Should they move forward and try to keep this toxic team in tact? Should they go all in to add Anthony Davis, even if it means just losing him to free agency right after? Should they stick with the young guys and build from there?

Personally for me, I'd ride with these young guns. If Danny can find some good veterans to put around them that will encourage them and help them to grow, this team could be a powerhouse in a few short years. We forget that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown haven't even had their quarter life crisis yet.

One way or another this team has a big offseason ahead and Danny Ainge has his work cut out for him. Does he have another trick up his sleeve, or are we just hoping for some good ol' fashioned luck o' the irish.

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