Kyrie Irving can pack it up and hit the road. I’m done with him.

Kyrie is one of the most dazzling players in the NBA. He’s talented. There is no question about it. On paper, your team is far better having him be a part of it. When it comes to actually having him on the team, maybe he’s not what you’re looking for.

For the Celtics this year, he has definitely not been what they’re looking for. He’s thrown his teammates and coach under the bus. He’s claimed all the praise for any and all successes and deflected the blame for all the failures. He told us that the Celtics would be fine come playoff time because he was here. He called himself a basketball genius. After missing more than double the shots he made (7-for-22 shooting), he told reporters he should have taken more shots.

Kyrie is delusional. He’s talented, but he’s not LeBron. He’s not Kevin Durant. He’s not James Harden. He’s not Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s not Kawhi Leonard. He’s none of those guys, no matter what his alter ego “Uncle Drew” tells him. He has proven this season, and especially in these playoffs, that he’s not a number one on a championship team. He’s a phenomenal number two, but he can’t captain the ship himself.

He’s an atrocious leader. He’s taken a team that went to the Eastern Conference Finals without him last year and taken it back in the wrong direction. It’s clear that his teammates are through with him. It’s clear Boston fans are through with him. The rumors have been swirling that he’s going to jump to New York this offseason and I’m all for it. He’d be the perfect Knick. He can be all over the Sportscenter Top 10 and sit at the bottom of the conference as a loser.

The Kyrie project was fun, but not only was Isaiah Thomas tougher, he produced more in the playoffs for you. It’s a hard reality to face. It’s honestly a weird reality. Isaiah Thomas is not nearly the player Kyrie is, but Kyrie Irving is not nearly the man Isaiah Thomas is.

If Kyrie needs any help packing his bags, I can clear up some time and would be more than happy to help. See ya later, buddy. Boston doesn’t need you. I’m sure there’s some other team on this God’s flat earth that would love to have you.

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