What started off as a nice family dinner night almost turned into a choking-hazard disaster.

Justine Reed of Acushnet was cheffing up some chicken Alfredo for her family when the strangest thing occurred. As Reed was pouring the Good & Gather – a Target brand – Alfredo sauce into the pan to simmer, a LeBron James doll head fell out and splashed into the pan.

"The water was boiling for my pasta, the chicken was already cooked and I was letting the chicken simmer in the sauce," Reed said. "When I poured the sauce out, I heard a 'plop' and at first glance, I thought it was a shell. My daughter thought it was a chicken heart or a giblet, and that's when I realized it was a doll head."

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Reed's son was the first to figure out that the foreign object was the head of a LeBron James action figure.

Courtesy of Justine Gauthier Reed
Courtesy of Justine Gauthier Reed

"I called the Dartmouth target where I bought the sauce and told them the story of what happened," Reed said. "The jar popped when I opened it, the seal was not broken. I would have never used it if it was opened, but this was clear as day that it was factory-sealed shut."

There was a TikTok trend back in July where people were taking the head off of the Space Jam 2 action figure of James and selling the heads for hundreds of dollars. There's no evidence as to why this became a hot commodity and what made people want to collect his head.


The Dartmouth Target gave Reed the number to the corporate offices and after speaking with them, they will be sending her a $15 gift card to cover the cost for the sauce and the chicken. That's a little cheap, if you ask me, considering someone could have choked.

"They said it doesn't happen a lot," Reed said. "It ruined my supper and I ended up ordering Riccardi's so we could still had the Italian food that we were craving."

As to why or how this head ended up inside the sauce container is beyond me, but if the seal was truly unbroken as Reed claims, then someone at the factory is in trouble. In the meantime, watch out for clumpy sauce and if you find the time, go watch Space Jam 2. It's not as good as the first one, but it's decent and doesn't require doing dishes to clean up an Alfredo mess.

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