Over the weekend, my husband asked me if I wanted to try a Mochi? I had no idea what it was...

Then he said 'Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you! When I was in California I tried this thing called Mochi, and it was so good! I thought, Loren will like this!' So he starts explaining what Mochi is, it's ice cream wrapped in some sort of rice dough. He said they would have them at Trader Joe's and maybe at Whole Foods. We were at Patriot Place in Foxboro while this conversation occurred, so we figured we'd stop at the Trader Joe's in that shopping plaza and get some Mochi!

By the way, you pronounce it "Moe-Chee" just in case you were wondering, I know I was. These sweet little treats come six to a package and in a few different flavors like green tea, strawberry and chocolate. We decided on chocolate. They are shaped in little balls and covered in some sort of chocolate powder. The consistency reminded me a little bit of like fried ice cream that you can order in restaurants sometimes. It was a bit doughy, then in the middle was the chocolate ice cream. It was very good! I think each one is about 70 calories, not too bad.

So if you're looking for a new and different sweet treat, try Mochi!