From the people who brought you the "Baby Whale Jay" and "Swansea Bag Jay" remix, proudly present to you "Fed-Ex Jay."

If you thought "Look at This Swansea Bag" was a smash, wait until you sink your knuckles into "Krab-Walking".

Here's how the story of Fed-Ex Jay went and it goes a little something like this.

One day, Fed-Ex Jay (a.k.a.Jamie Botelho of Westport) was driving down a back road of Tiverton, Rhode Island when he encountered something strange with the Fed-Ex truck driving in front of him. The tires seemed to be a bit crooked and right away he could tell it desperately needed a front end alignment.

"Who wants to tell me what's wrong with this truck?" Fed-Ex Jay asks on his Instagram video post. "This Fed-Ex truck is going down the road crooked."

It wasn't until his next comment that immediately sparked a light bulb in my mind and the next thing I knew, I had a hit on my hands.

"The truck is literally sideways driving down the road, I believe that's called crab-walking," Fed-Ex Jay explained in his rant.

From that moment forward, "Krab-Walking" was born and has been stuck in my head all day. This is one catchy song that combines a little bit of the three Jays (Baby Whale Jay, Swansea Bag Jay and Fed-Ex Jay) with a few references to Ed Bassmaster (look him up on YouTube, he's the hilarious "Oh, would you look at this, just look at it!" guy).

There's no need to wait any longer; press play, turn it up and groove to the chill vibes of "Krab-Walking", from the not-yet-released "Jay Jams" album, coming soon to a Walmart near you (but not really).


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