With all the complaints about the Swansea trash bags lately, I had to do something about it—and not to brag, but I think I created a masterpiece.

"Look at these Swansea Bags" is the hit song you never knew existed and it's my pleasure to present to you the world premiere debut that is bound to be recognized by the masses:

Here's how it all started:

My girlfriend and I recently moved to Swansea back in September and we both instantly joined the Facebook group "The REAL Swansea, MA." It's a great source of local information that I wouldn't have known outside of the group.

Every now and then, I'll strike gold with a post from a group member that goes above and beyond in terms of informative entertainment. A perfect example comes from Swansea native Jaden Powers. Powers went to social media one day to complain about the green Swansea trash bags, and he had every right to. To be honest, they're not always the strongest and tend to break every now and then.

His rant was priceless and too good to pass up. He resembled that Mike Bergin guy from Malden, Mass., AKA the "Holy S*** Jay, it's a baby F****** whale, bro!" guy, along with a modern-day touch of Joe Pesci from Goodfellas. I immediately sensed greatness and turned his speech up to epic proportions.

I titled the track "Look At This Swansea Bag" in dedication to Mr. Powers, and it's guaranteed to get stuck in your head for at least the remainder of the day. So for all who are sick and tired of those pesky garbage bags that are destined to break open on you when you least expect it, this one's for you.

Oh, and shout-out to Powers for the inspiration! Hope you like the track, I'll be sure to send you your royalties.

#LookAtThisSwanseaBag #Swansea

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