It's never been a better time to bring together tacos and couples who are in love with each other.

Now, I've been to Las Vegas and I've seen some crazy stuff and heard about some whacky things, but this one takes the cake (or quesadilla?). Ladies and gentlemen, hear my words: If you love Taco Bell so much that you're dream wedding is to be married at an actual Taco Bell? Your wish is now a reality.

Here's the best part:

According to the New York Post, there's a new Taco Bell Cantina coming soon to Las Vegas that is 24-hours and doubles up as a wedding chapel. What's the price to get married at this wonderland of deliciousness?

Answer: $600.

Think about that price for just a moment, especially with how expensive weddings are these days. No wonder more and more people are taking the eloped path. You'd be saving thousands of dollars and you'll get to eat Taco Bell at the same time which is pretty convenient.

Lastly, to celebrate the brand new Taco Bell Chapel, you can now enter to win a FREE all expense paid trip out to Vegas for one lucky couple to be one of the first to be married and Taco Bell is paying the tab.

As the saying goes: "Eat your heart out, baby", as Taco Bell proudly announces Mr. and Mrs. Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

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