After pressure from parent groups like FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education), Nickelodeon has caved in and removed two controversial videos from their website. One video showed two moms making light of the lengths schools go to avoid allergic reactions during bake sales at school. The other video was a modern day mom making fun of how lightly her mother takes food allergies...and when she stopped breathing as a child.

Both videos were taken down from Nickelodean's website last night.  Those videos, and food allergies in general, were a heated topic on Fun 107's Facebook Page yesterday.
Fatima DeOliveira It's funny because it's true. School's now a days take it too far. While I sympathize with these children who have allergies I don't think my children should be deprived. The first time I got a letter at home stating my daughter could not bring anything with nuts to school I lost it. What if my child were one of those who only eats Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches? Was she supposed to go hungry because instead of teaching the child with the allergy to be cautious we were teaching the children without allergies to go without? Lets face it, the real world isn't going to hide all the peanuts from these children, why should other children? Thankfully they eventually went a better route and decided to make the nut free lunch table!
Candace Correia It's not just about eating the nuts.  If the child with the allergy touches a door knob after someone else ate a PB & J, they could react to that alone.  The schools have to be careful since the one child with the allergy could die.  I would rather not have my child bring any type of nut to school, then danger another child.  I know kids with more than one allergy, try being their parent for a day.

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