They were meant to be funny, but some families aren't laughing. "Mother Funny" Nick Mom videos posted on the kids cable network website are raising eyebrows with a parent group called FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education). There are a few legitimately funny moments in the video (like when the 2 moms call out the guilt associated with not volunteering in the classroom), but FARE parents aren't laughing. They say that Nickelodeon should be ashamed of themselves for making light of what can be a life or death situation for their children.

Allergy parent, Beth Gorab, said "Sadly, there are many parents like this in schools all across our country.  The only way to change their perspective is to educate them on the reality of living with a life threatening food allergy and hope they change their tune."

Watch these two videos and judge for yourself. Should Nick pull them down off of the site?

Mom Knows Best Allergies
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