This morning on the show, Maddie unveiled her top 10 favorite horror movies. She said she especially loves watching these movies around this time of year.

I'm not a horror movie person, so I asked her what it is about scary movies that she likes.

"I feel like I'm involved in the movie," said Maddie. "There's no passively watching A Nightmare on Elm Street the way you can passively watch a rom-com. When you're watching a scary movie you are IN IT, you are THERE, you're getting goosebumps and watching through your fingers."

I guess what she's saying is true, but I just don't know why I'd want to be feeling the emotions of someone who is one corner away from being murdered. Who wants to spend two hours dodging death?

It always amazed me that every Halloween, people are willing to stand in a line wrapped around a Fall River city block to get inside Factory of Terror. Then, after waiting in line for hours, they were willing to hand over fistfuls of cash to bring their family through. Here! Take my money! Please make me have a nightmare tonight. It baffles me.

I do understand that adrenaline plays a big part of the thrill, but I prefer to get my adrenaline rush watching (and playing) sports.

I know that I'm sitting squarely in the minority for this. I'm equivalent to the one guy who doesn't like Christmas. Come to think of it, look what happened to Scrooge! He was haunted by ghosts. Hopefully, I won't be too.

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