This past Halloween some very lucky trick-or-treaters got some Market Basket rotisserie chickens in their candy collection.

Michael Marotta of Maynard had a peculiar lifelong dream of handing out rotisserie chickens on Halloween and, well, this year with the help of Market Basket, his dream came true.

Imagine showing up to Marotta's doorstep, ringing the doorbell and screaming "trick or treat!" Then you open your pillowcase full of candy and suddenly a massive chicken gets tossed in there. Not only are you in shock but now you have to get another pillow because yours is full.

I guess it's a healthier option than the Snickers and Reese's. It also takes care of dinner.

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Marotta bought five of the very popular Market Basket rotisserie chickens. Knowing not all the children he was to encounter would want chicken, he also had some full-size candy bars on hand.

Marotta has been getting a lot of attention for his idea, to which he responds: "We had no idea it would pop off like this!"

The important question: Will he do it again?

"Nope, I'm a one and done," he says.

On Halloween, a few chickens went to some unsuspecting children and the others went to some neighbors.

What would you do if you got one of these popular chickens dropped into your candy basket?

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