There is plenty to love about the Halloween season. There are Jack-o-lanterns, spooky decorations and costumes, but my favorite part is the number of scary movies that pop up on my television guide and Netflix queue. It’s like a resurgence of every classic scary movie around this time of year, and I’m here for it.

The best part is that there are different categories of scary movies. The slasher films aren’t really for me. There is something about blood and gore that I would rather do without (I’m looking at you, Saw franchise).

For me, I enjoy thrillers and suspense films that have you hiding behind your blanket. "Enjoy" is almost a contradictory term to explain a scary movie, because nine times out of 10, the viewer is anxious and afraid, but in some weird way, I enjoy that feeling. I enjoy being frightened because it shows I’m completely and totally invested in the movie. You can’t passively watch A Nightmare on Elm Street, and if you can, you are braver than I.

The Halloween season gives me the perfect excuse to make my fiancé watch all of my favorite thrillers and I have compiled a list of must-see films before Halloween is upon us. Or even better, make this your binge list for Halloween night, but be prepared to be less than six feet away from whoever you are watching them with as you clutch onto each other in fear.

Keep scrolling to uncover my 10 favorite thriller movies – that is, if you’re brave enough.

Maddie's 10 Scariest Horror and Thriller Films for Halloween

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