My Fun 107 morning show cohost Maddie and I saw a fascinating figure last week:

Americans are not letting a looming recession or crippling inflation stop them from celebrating Halloween with their pets. In fact, Americans will spend roughly the same amount of money on pet costumes as they did last year. Incredibly, that number is just north of $700 million.

While many people might laugh about the idea, the truth of the matter is that those same people are out there spending their hard-earned cash on Halloween costumes for their furry friends.

Maddie, the person in her house who didn't want to get a puppy, was the same person who spent money on not only buying her French Bulldog a pair of Halloween pajamas but is thrilled to incorporate Coco into her family Super Mario Brothers-themed costumes.

We've spent the past week accepting pictures of dogs, cats, bearded dragons and guinea pigs dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

Some honorable mentions are Romeo, who had his owner Melissa Farias from Dartmouth snap a picture of him as he was headed out the door for his shift at Dunkin'.  We'll take a medium pumpkin swirl, Romeo!

We also really enjoyed the adorable butterfly dog.  His brown face looks so cute we can't take it. Thanks for sharing, Summer Tirrell!

Hard not to love the pickleball players. Liberty and Daisy are ready to take on any other K-9 couple on the SouthCoast. They were submitted by their owner, Denise Raposo from Rochester.

Take a look through our Howl-O-Ween photo gallery.  Which are your favorites?

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