Look, I am not going to try to tell you I'm a very environmentally conscious person. I try my best to do the right things, but it doesn't consume my life. My 14-year-old daughter is helping me become more aware of different choices I can make that help just a little. Sometimes, my choices can help a lot (we switched our home to solar energy, for example).

I sometimes fall off the wagon, though, when the environmentally sound choices become too inconvenient. I could lie and say I stick with it, but if I'm being honest, I sometimes don't.

Let's talk paper straws. I HATE THEM. I mean, I really hate them. I am a person who REALLY enjoys his beverages. One of my favorite parts of going out to dinner is the fountain Sprite (I believe my Sprite addiction is well documented on this website). The paper straws change the taste of the beverage in my opinion. I can't even take the texture of the dry straws on my mouth and lips It is repulsive to me.  It's not unlike my repulsion for the wooden spoons that come with Hoodsies.

Luckily, there are finally two straw options that have changed the game for me. My daughter bought a stainless steel straw that is really great. It actually enhances the beverage taste, and the texture is terrific. I equate it to eating ice cream out of a stainless steel bowl (like how it's served at Friendly's). It just tastes better out of those bowls.

Then, this morning, while we were eating at Marguerite's in Westport, I saw for the first time a straw that looks and feels like plastic, but it is actually made of plants! How insane is that?

Can we PLEASE get rid of those awful paper straws now?

Plant Straw

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