You've heard me on the air talking about the solar panels I had installed on my house. I had been waiting and waiting for one of my friends to go solar to see if it really worked. It never happened, so I finally decided to be the first of my friends to try it out.

After meeting with three different solar companies, I decided to go with Isaksen Solar out of Fall River. I liked how Isaksen operated. Not every home is a perfect match for solar energy. Some homes are better matches than others. When Isaksen Solar saw our property, they showed me that the panels could go on the rear of the house. Also, the tree line in my backyard was pushed back far enough that my roof gets full sunshine all day long.

To put it simply, our house was made for solar energy.

However, Isaksen Solar explained to me that there are plenty of houses that would not have the same ideal layout (for example, the neighbors across the street).

Regardless, we took the plunge with Isaksen Solar, and we have loved it. I used to cringe when I saw my Eversource bill come in the mail. I HATED that bill. Now, I laugh. I opened my bill today, and I had to share it. They owe ME $91.37. How about that?

Not to mention that I get monthly checks from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which are designed to create an incentive for Massachusetts residents to go solar. On top of that, we cashed in on a HUGE federal tax credit this year for the solar panels.

Now, I've become the first of my friends and neighbors to go solar. They all ask me about it, and I love raving about it. The proof is in the Eversource bill. Take a look at my bill above and try to guess when I got solar panels.



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