Hasbro has vowed to remove plastic from their packaging and this mom is thrilled.

This week Hasbro Toys announced that they would be getting rid of all plastic from their packaging by the end 2022. Huge news if you ask me.

With more and more sustainability conscience parents out there this is definitely a move that needs to be made. Toys generate so much trash it's disgusting.

I don't know about other parents, but I have often unwrapped a new toy or game for my daughter then looked around at the pile of trash in its wake and thought "what a waste."

Well kudos to Hasbro for trying to eliminate some of that waste.

They've already removed wire twist ties from toys and added recycling tips, but actually getting rid of plastic packaging is huge.

Honestly it's probably more about making money than saving the Earth, but whatever reason makes this move happen is fine by me.

Not to mention the fact that toys will now be much easier to open. No more asking my husband if he has his knife on him or leaving the room mid-Christmas morning gift opening to get scissors.

The toys themselves will of course still be made of plastic, but the amount of waste removed from the toy buying experience is going to be a game changer.

So nice going Hasbro. This mom is happy to see the extra plastic go.

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