I smuggled something into a restaurant last night.  Here's what happened.

I went to DNB Burgers in Downtown New Bedford for the first time last week.  I wolfed down my bacon cheeseburger so fast and loved it so much...I ordered another one.

The only beef I had with DNB Burgers was it's selection of beverages.  They serve some strange, out of the ordinary independent soft drinks.  They pride themselves on not selling soft drinks with high fructose, but for a Sprite addict like me...that is a huge drawback.  Not having an ice cold Sprite with my burgers and fries kind of ruins the experience for me.

I noticed that DNB Burgers had a BYOB policy.  So, it was OK to bring in beer and wine...but would it be OK to bring in Sprite?  I mean, it's not like they sell it...and if they did sell it...I'd buy it!  My reasoning made sense, so I decided the next time I went...I'd bring in my own Sprite.

I hatched my plan just before we left to go back to DNB Burgers last night.  Take a listen: